The taste of
South Carolina.

Sweetgrass Vodka

Charleston, S.C.


Vodka is a simple product. It’s one of the easiest spirits to distill. But crafting a high quality, flavorful vodka from just a few ingredients is NOT an easy task. By refusing to add artificial flavoring we have to rely on fresh, local ingredients to achieve our exceptionally smooth taste. It starts on the field, where hardworking families grow the potatoes that eventually will become Sweet Grass Vodka. Our single ingredient vodka consists of only potatoes, water and yeast.

So it’s the natural taste of the raw potatoes that dictates the flavor of what ultimately ends up in the bottle. The minerals they absorb from the soil they are grown in creates a unique flavor palette.

These essential flavors are brought out every time the liquor is distilled until we literally achieve the pure, refined taste of the South Carolinian soil.


Sweet Grass Vodka, 40% ABV, 750 ml is a potato based vodka produced in Charleston, South Carolina. It won a Master Award in three separate categories, Organic, Micro-distillery and Smoothest. The vodka is continuously distilled, resulting in a spirit that is ultra-smooth and lacking the spirity alcohol notes often found in vodka. Each bottle includes a single blade of grass from Charleston.